We offer you different types of old stone goods made of sandstone and granite, which come from 17th and 18th century such as: troughs, watering troughs, pools, mill wheels, pillars, portals, well rings, fencing stakes, flooring tiles and others. We will certainly decorate your gardens so that they make a beautiful decoration for many years. We kindly invite you to the gallery, in which we are presenting only a small part of these original and unrecurring objects of our possession. We are waiting for your comments and questions.


Dear Customers, we wish to present a wide range of sculptures made of stone (sandstone) and wood. We offer designs in all the styles starting from baroque up to contemporary pattern-designing. The company has been functioning on the market since 1993. We make orders for customers' projects and renovate sculptures made of sandstone. Durability and resistance of sculptures made of stone is an investment, which pays back and with time acquires great value. Figures made of sandstone can be admired in the Royal Łazienki in Warsaw and their durability is assessed for several hundreds of years.